Verko Changelog

Version 1.3

  • Compatibility with wordpress 4.4
  • Update Admin Screen

Version 1.2.1 ( December 7, 2015 ) 

  • Fixed customizer css custom button
  • Compatibility issue with visual composer 4.8.x (plugin df shortcode 1.3.2)
  • Change path thumbnails admin home

Version 1.1.1

  • Added: ‘Metabox Tabs’ plugins require.
  • Merge: ‘metaboxes-layout.php’ and ‘metaboxes-page-title.php’ to ‘metaboxes-init.php’.
  • Move: ‘single background image’ setting from file ‘metaboxes-post-format.php’ to ‘metaboxes-single-blog.php’.
  • Update: dahz framework.
  • Change: text ‘Custom CSS’ on ‘custom css button’ in customize page to icon ‘dashicons dashicons-edit’.
  • Add: Customize short description in each panel.
  • Remove: Native setting ‘Navigation’ from customize.
  • Added: file ‘typography.php’ contain ‘Navbar font’, ‘Heading font’, and ‘Body font’.
  • Improve: Compatibility with wordpress 4.3.
  •  Fixed: Footer not appear.
  • Remove: One post of multiple post from sticky post.

Version 1.1
* Changed: moved folder inside-out /lang
* Changed: moved folder inside-out /includes/customizer
* Changed: Remove ga.php and add google analytics code to modules part-footer.php
* Fixed: grid class remove from page class
* Fixed: widget social connect not appear
* Fixed: anchor in safari ipad

Version 1.0.0
* Initial Release

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