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    That code didn’t fix it either. Please let me know if I am supposed to add the new code you’re suggesting to the other codes you have suggested for fixing this. I’m not sure what you mean by my website being local?

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    So neither, of those codes worked. I tried the code for the capitalization issue with the other code you suggested and by itself and I am still seeing the titles in all caps on the home page in the recent posts under featured area. I attached a screenshot (first image). And the code you suggested for changing the background color of the categories side bar widget didn’t work either. It is still a gray background.

    I attached a photo of the uncentered thumbnails for you as well.

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    No problem. I am using the Posh demo.

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    Thank you so very much! Most of the code fixed my problems but ran into a few issues.

    The code you suggested for changing the capitalization worked but only in the featured area carousel and in the individual posts. It still has all caps in the recent post widget and in the list of blog posts on the home page.

    The code you suggested for centering the thumbnail images didn’t change anything and the images are still cut off and uncentered.

    The code you suggested for changing the background color of the category sidebar widget didn’t change anything either. I’d like it to be hex color #e09772 if possible.

    Looking forward to your reply!

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    I’ve run into more questions.

    How can I adjust the size of my featured images in my posts? They are entirely too big and I want them to be much smaller.

    How can I change the color of the background of the categories sidebar widget?

    How can I make the titles of each blog post not in all caps?

    How can I center my thumbnail images?

    What size should my image be for my About Me sidebar widget be?

    Please assist me with these issues as soon as possible, thank you so much.

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    I’ve deactivated the Coblocks plugin and I am still not seeing the DF Product widget show up as an option. After deactivating that plugin, I just have less options for blocks. I am not seeing the masonry option or the carousel option now. Please let me know what I need to do to fix this and gain access to these features.

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    No, not to my knowledge. I have all of the required plugins installed for the Glossy theme. One plugin in use is Coblocks and in the description it says “CoBlocks is a suite of professional page building content blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg block editor.” That’s the only thing I see that mentions Gutenberg.

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    I recently downloaded this theme to my WordPress site and I have run into some errors.
    1. The DF Product Widget used for affiliate marketing is not showing up as an option in the widget block options.
    2. The Carousel and Masonry block options to display photos do not work and an error message appears when clicked. It displays this message:

    This block has encountered an area and cannot be previewed.

    Please let me know what I can do to quickly fix these issues as I am working rapidly to release the launch of my site by a specific deadline. Thanks in advance for your assistance.