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Post info not added when posting on facebook

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    Hi! Since a week or so when I want to post a blogpost on Facebook, the info (image, title etc) is not showing.

    Can you please check asap?

    My website:

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    weird, the demo is working just fine, do you use an seo / opengraph plugin? please try to deactivate those plugins and see if its working. if the problem still persist please share your admin access (url, username and password) to your site (make sure the role is admin). so i can check it for you.

    dont forget to set your reply as private so only admins can see it.

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    Hi, thanks for checking! Not sure what the problem was then, but it’s working again!

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    Glad to know it’s working again. Please let us know if you have other questions.

    Have a nice day.

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