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    Thanks for purchasing one of our premium files from Themeforest! This is our support forum where we can assist you with questions or issues you have. The bulk of our team is based in the GMT +8 timezone so please be aware of any time difference. We check forum threads twice a day, Monday – Friday. Our support (provided by Thorgan and Mario Balotelli) covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and any bug fixes that may arise. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for customization or 3rd party plugins.

    1. How do I install wordpress themes to my blog?
    Each theme comes with a documentation file with detailed instruction as to how to install and use your wordpress theme. Usually this simply requires uploading and activation the theme and plugin files.

    2. Will your themes work with the latest version of WordPress?
    Yes, all of my themes will work with the latest version of WordPress. I check each theme and make proactive updates with each new WordPress release.

    3. How are your themes coded?
    We code each theme in compliance with WordPress, utilizing valid XHTMl and CSS. Each design features a smooth, fast loading, tabless interface.

    4. How many sites can I use your themes on?
    You can use our theme in a single end product or a free end product (sale to one client). basically its the same with themeforest license policy. you can follow this link to read more about license

    5. Can I customize the images included with each theme, like the logo?
    Yes, I try to make editing images easy. With each theme we include a fully layered PSD file which can be opened and edited using Adobe Photoshop. I also provide blank logo images that can be edited with any graphic design software.

    6. How do I add my own google adsense ads to your themes?
    Some of our themes come “adsense ready,” which means that space has been provided for various sizes of google advertisements for easy monetization. If this is the case, you will see an adsense folder with several php files in your theme directory. Read the readme that was included with your theme for instruction as to how to replace the existing code with your own unique adsense code.

    7. What do I receive when I download one of your themes?
    Each theme includes the wordpress theme files, plugin files, as well as fully layered PSD files and blank images for easy customization.

    8. Can I modify the themes to fit my websites personal needs?
    Yes, you are free to change the designs in any way that you like.

    9. I found an error when using one of your themes, will you fix it?
    Certainly! I encourage users to contact me with any problems they are experiencing. When the wordpress script itself changes with each new release, it is possible that errors could occur. If you experience any problems please let me know for a quick fix.

    10. what support will I get, if I buy your themes?
    Our support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and any bug fixes that may arise. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for customizations or 3rd party plugins.

    11. why you answer other threads first? i bumped my thread twice today
    Please do not bump your thread before we can respond, it will take longer to get help if you bump it since we answer from oldest to newest.

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    I know this post was made few years ago, but due to my recently purchase i really need your help. I’ve been trying to work with your theme since last week with the lastest version of wordpress but it deffinetly does not work, it seems not to support each other.

    At the beggining i was working on local server, at the time i upload your theme and start installing plugins, the problems started. Suddenly it starts asking me my FTP connection info and even though i enter them correctly i do not have the option to validate it (screenshot attached). It appear to break even the css configuration and do not let me acces to the backend. At first i thought about Mac Priviledges and Permission issues so i decided to work in my own server but this problem persists. Reading about your theme info i realized that it only supports until wordpress version 4.5.2 and we already are at 4.6.1.

    In this post you say:

    2. Will your themes work with the latest version of WordPress?
    Yes, all of my themes will work with the latest version of WordPress. I check each theme and make proactive updates with each new WordPress release.

    I know this post is from 2013 but can you give me an actual answer?

    I really like your theme and want to use it but it keeps giving me problems not just with wp but also with plugins updates and do not let me keep on going with my work. I purchase your theme last week and really want to make it work but i deffinetly can´t continue with these problems and need to solve it. Are you going to realease a new theme version witch supports lastest wp version?

    kind regards

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    I’ve been trying to get help with this theme for ages. No one answering any questions.
    Is there a way to upload the theme and customize in wordpress from the current template that you made. I don’t undestand what you mean by changing a pSD file? Then how do we upload this?

    Please answer.


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    hi @predictivepeople . may i know where you ask your questions before? i’d be glad to assist you.

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    I have the problem that I can’t use “insert post element” in my glossy theme.

    I posted one article with the DF product column after I wanted to use it again the button was gone, how ??

    How can I fix that ???

    Without this option I can’t post my affiliate products !

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    hi @aki13 sorry for the delay, please open a new thread in the glossy forum.. after that please directly reply to the thread and share your admin panel access (url, username and password) so i can check it for you. dont forget to set your reply as private so only admins can see it. thanks

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    After completing the installation of the Kitring theme the wizard is not loading. Could you please advise on how to get the setup wizard to load so I can complete the installation process?

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    Hi @benjaml ,

    I’ve replied your question on your topic.

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    None of the DF post elements are working for me. Whenever I press “insert element” nothing happens.

    Also, in the media page, when I hover over an image, it does not include “ID=” anywhere in the URL.. It does, however, include “post=” so I have been trying to use that number. Nothing is working

    Please help!

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    Hi @samabernathyy ,

    Please create a new topic so we can help you privately.

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    Where do i find the psd file?

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    Hi @spiritnreaker69 ,

    We do not provide any psd file.

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    Yesterday I purchased the Kitring Theme, I have downloaded the themeforest file for wordpress installation only. It keeps coming up with the following error: 404 – File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    I have checked the requirements for the theme and they all seem to be fine. Could you please help me out with the installation. I have tried for hours but without succes.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi @DVWDesign ,

    Please make sure the php configurations of your server are meet the following minimum requirements:

    – PHP version 7 or greater
    – MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater
    – max_execution_time: 180 or greater
    – memory_limit: 256M or greater
    – upload_max_filesize: 40M or greater

    And also make sure you upload file when install the theme.

    Please create a new topic of your own so I can help you privately.

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