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(1) Favicon won't work and (2) mobile menu issue

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    Hi guys,

    I set up a blog here and have two problems:

    1st one:

    I tried to upload a (or actually: three) favicon(s) via the theme’s customizer. I applied them like visible in this screenshot.
    I did press save & publish (several times) and re-uploaded everything (several times), but it still does not work. Does anybody have an idea how I can fix this? Or is there something I have to be aware of regarding file format etc. (I used PNGs)? Or should I use the traditional method to upload a favicon?

    2nd problem:

    The mobile menu technically works awesome, I love it. But what really sucks is its compatibility with (the recommended!) Mega Slider. I have a post slider on top of my page and use touch navigation (swiping with finger to navigate through slides) for it. But basically every time you swipe on a slide the mobile menu on the right pops open. Because there seems to be a function that will open the menu every time you swipe (from the right) to the left anywhere on the page. That is so annoying and really takes all the fun of the super-smooth Mega slider away. Can I turn off this function in dashboard or customizer somehow? Or can I delete the function using FTP? If so, where is it located?

    Thanks for your help, really appreciate it.

    Kind regards,

    Runtub0y ( Support Staff )
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    Hey there.


    You’ve assigned the logo, so the customizer seems working fine.

    Can I get an access to feel your customizer?


    What do you mean with Mega Slider?

    Do you mean Master Slider?

    If yes, it’s a slider on your homepage.

    I was trying to swipe the slider and works normally.

    Do you mean anything else?

    Warm regards,

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    thanks for your reply!

    1. Yes you definitely can get access, how can I send you the login data? And do you think it would work the traditional way adding a favicon via FTP (like before WordPress 4.3 was released)?

    2. Yes I do mean master slider! Sorry, I’ve been using so many sliders already. 😀 The slider works perfectly, that’s not the point. But if you swipe a slide from the right edge of your phone to the left (to scroll the slider) you will notice that the mobile menu on the right side will pop open. That’s what I mean. I will try to upload screenshots or a video later.

    Thanks again and kind regards


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    Hi peteter.

    You can reply this topic with private reply so you can keep your privacy.

    Can’t wait for your reply.

    Warm regards.

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    Since the last update, I also have the same problem with the favicon not showing up anymore. Did they resolve this issue? If so, what was the solution for fixing the problem?


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    hi, we are updating the theme at the moment. the problem will be fixed in the next version. please wait for it. sorry for the inconvenience.



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    Hi support! I would like to request for the diff of the code change you made in order to resolve this problem. I need this because I need to limit the changes applied to my site. Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

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    Hi, it still doesn’t solve the problem, worst, it doesn’t output the appropriate link tag for favicon in the head. Previously, the problem was it was always giving an output with an href = http://1 . Also, chrome needs the favicon to be uploaded at the root of the website.

    Runtub0y ( Support Staff )
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    Sorry for mispelled code.

    Previous code was not rendering correctly in this forum.

    Here is the correct one :

    Warm regards,

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