Dejure has built-in Mega Menu features. Where you can add images, icons and/or subtitles to your menu (and sub menus). Mega Menu and other additional features are incorporated to standard WordPress Custom Menus editing interface Appearance > Menus

In the screenshot above you can see the default view of the menu. If you want to add description you can enable the text box by clicking the screen option button on the top corner of your image.

Now let’s see what you can do with this feature:

1. Font Awesome Icon

This options allows you to add a Font Awesome Icon. You simply choose iconfont and add Font Awesome Code to Iconfont code field.

Font Awesome Code Example


On Backend

On Frontend

For complete list of font icon, you can it here :

2. Custom Image

This option enable you to upload image to your mega menu. You just need to paste the image url here. Please note that the result will different according to which level you add your image to.

To learn about the level system, please see our screenshot below.

As you can see :

  • Level 1 is your main menu
  • Level 2 2 is first sub menu
  • Level 3 is sub-sub menu

You can only add image in level 1 and 2. If you add the image in level 1 the image will be your mega menu background. And it will be a normal image if you add it in the 2nd level.

The other option is Enable mega menu which will reveal additional settings for your menus if you enabled it (note: this is only available for main menu; not sub menu)

Full width: check to enable full width style. See these screenshot to learn the differences

Disabled Full width

Enable Full width

Megamenu Options

These options are only available in level 1

  • Number of Columns : Choose the number of columns for your mega menu.
  • Align : Choose the alignment for your sub menu.
  • Position : Choose the number of columns for your mega menu.


These options are only available in level 2

  • Hide title in mega menu : This will hide your current 2nd level menu in the mega menu.
  • Remove Link : This item should start a new row
  • Number of Columns : Enable this to make this menu displayed in a new row instead of the next column

These options are only available in level 3

  • This item should start a new Column : This menu will displayed in the next row instead under the previous menu.
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