How do I update my theme to the latest version?

Before update your theme, Please Export your Customizer setting first. by Simply navigating to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Export Customizer > then click the blue ‘Download Export File’ button. Be sure to save this file somewhere that you remember, because this file will be use to get your setting back after installing the update.

export customizer

To download the new version, simply go to your ThemeForest account > and click on Downloads > find Applique theme, and download the installable files.

Installing the New Theme Version:

  1. First, you’ll need to activate any random theme.

as WordPress will not allow you to delete a theme that is currently activated.

From Appearance > Themes > Activate any other theme.

  1. Once you’ve activated another theme, still within Appearance > Themes, click on Applique theme then find delete button In the bottom right corner. Go ahead and delete it by clicking the link.
  2. You can now re-install the latest version by choosing Add New on the upper part of the screen

Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Select the theme’s ZIP file > Install Now.

Remember! It’s important to install the theme’s ZIP file, and not the entire theme package. Otherwise you will receive an error message.

Important! By default, WordPress should save your content to your database. This is why your content appears on whatever theme you have activated within your WP Dashboard. However, it’s always a good idea to create a database backup before deleting a theme, just in case.


This method is only available if you use Applique 1.1 or newer. This is the steps to update Applique with Envato toolkit plugin.

envato toolkit plugin

  1.  Install and activate the Envato toolkit plugin in your site (included in the theme package)
  2. Get Your Envato API Key:
    You need to login to Themeforest and visit your user profile page. Click on Settings. You should see an API Keys tab below. Just click the button to generate your API key.
  3. Go to the Envato Toolkit menu item in your dashboard and input your Envato username and API key. Then Save your settings.
  4. Once you have your list of purchases displayed you can install and update your Themeforest themes right from your dashboard. This means you don’t have to login to Themeforest to check for theme updates – you can quickly, easily and automatically update your themes instead.

If succeed you will see Applique in the themes tab like this

envato toolkit plugin 2

simply click ‘update automatically’ to start the installation 🙂

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