How to Use Crop Featured Image In Loma

In default mode, We are using Native Image Size In Loma, Both on Loop Page ( Homepage / Category Page / Tag Page ) and Single Page for the feature image.

This is an issue if you’re using big size Feature Image.

Follow this short steps to apply cropping mode.

1. Read this basic step :

2.  Register your new size.

Let’s assume your feature image is 1920 x 1080

You want to use this cropping size : 960 x 540

Apply this php code :

add_image_size( ‘runtuboy-loma-featured-image’, 960, 540, true );

960 is width

540 is height

true : hard crop on

Replace ‘runtuboy-loma-featured-image‘ with your own liking.  Make sure it’s unique one.


3. Add this code

Take a look on line 38


Replace with your own image size name.

Take a look on line 34



We are using original size on single page & cropping size on loop page.


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