How To Resolve Revolution Slider Blank Screen Trouble On Food & Cook

If you’re facing a blank screen when access Revolution Slider page after installed a Food & Cook themes, activated all plugins, and imported the xml demo, please follow steps below to resolve it.

This case usually occurred if your hosting use PHP Version 5.5

On your dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Editor.

Select “theme-interface.php” to be edited.

Edit this piece of code.

Line 111

$_page = mysql_real_escape_string( strtolower( trim( strip_tags( $_REQUEST['page'] ) ) ) );

Line 118

$_action = mysql_real_escape_string( strtolower( trim( strip_tags( $_REQUEST['woo_save'] ) ) ) );

New Code
$_page = strtolower( trim( strip_tags( $_REQUEST['page'] ) ) ) ;

$_action = strtolower( trim( strip_tags( $_REQUEST['woo_save'] ) ) ) ;

Basically, you need to remove that mysql_real_escape_string()‘s function

Hope it helps.

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