How to Export Royal Slider

AZ was bundled with Royal Slider plugin. Unfortunately, this slider does not provide the option of export and import through Dashboard. To do this option is slightly more technical, but we have made a step by step tutorial below.

1. Download File SQL (Zipped) from the link below:

If you have activated the Royal Slider plugin, you will see the table named  wp_new_royalsliders (adjust prefix wp_ with your own prefix).

Open that table, press the Export’s button, then investigate the extraction location of SQL files in step 1

3. If successful, you will find that notification and table will have a row of data as shown below

4. From your Dashboard, navigate to Royal Slider -> Edit Sliders.
You will see one slider named “Slider-Home”, click the title to edit. Input image slide that you like (pictures of the demo will not participate, because this process only take the data structure).

5. Input shortcode to a page that you create it to display the Royal Slider in your website.

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