Glossy Changelog


Glossy v 2.1
-Compatible with WP 5.8.1
-Compatible with PHP 7.4
-Added Classic Widgets
-Added WP Bakery Page Builder
-[Fix]: Minor bugs fixed
-[Fix] TGMPA sprintf

Glossy v 2.0.1
-Fixing Demo Importer

Glossy v 2.0
-Add compatibility with WordPress 5.5
-Update Instagram Feed 2.4.6
-Update Mailchimp for wp 4.8
-Update Contact Form

Glossy v 1.3.1
-Update Mailchimp for wp 4.7.8
-Update Instagram Feed 2.4.4
-Update Contact Form
-Fixing Demo Importer

Glossy v 1.3
-Add compatibility with WordPress 5.4
-Add compatibility with PHP 7.4
-Update Shortcode(shortcake-ui) 0.7.4
-Update Multiple Post Thumbnail 1.7
-Update Mailchimp for wp 4.7.6
-Update Instagram Feed 2.3.1
-Update Contact Form 5.1.7
-Update WordPress Importer 0.7

Glossy v 1.2.5
– Add compatibility with WordPress 4.9
– Fixed Add Menu text appear when user not assigned menu and not in login state

Glossy v 1.2.2
– Add compatibility with WordPress 4.8
– Fixed responsive categorie title issue
– Fixed Mobile Menu height issue

Glossy v 1.2.0
– Fixed Subscribe Input field bugs
– Fixed To few argument error when favicon not inserted
– Updated Shortcode(shortcake-ui) 0.7.2

Glossy v 1.1.0

– Fixed Featured Image in Archive & Single Post Layout
– Fixed Enable Disable Tags in Single Post
– Fixed Header Logo
– Fixed Video Fullscreen in Series
– Fixed Load Gmaps
– Fixed in Comment Template
– Fixed Collections Archive on Mobile view
– Updated Custom Slug Collections & Series

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